Hair Loss Treatment

Bio-Growth Forte 2

Bio Growth Forte is a Natural mist hair nutrient system that revitalizes and rejuvenates hair development by improving the health & conditions of scalp tissue & weak follicles.


What are the benefits of Bio-Growth Forte?

Bio Growth Forte is aimed at individuals at all stages of hair loss and thinning seborrhoea and various conditions of alopecia benefits from regular usage.

A visible result is obtained:

  • Reduction hair fall
  • Providing optimal conditions for hair growth
  • Moistures scalp tissue & reduce itchiness of scalp
  • Strengthening of hair and scalp
  • Hair growth acceleration.

使用Bio Growth Forte的益处

Bio Growth Forte - 针对脱发和皮脂溢出和变薄问题所研发而出的营养护发喷雾,经常使用能改善各种脱发问题。


  • 减少头发脱落
  • 提供促进头发生长的最佳条件
  • 提供头皮组织所需的水分、减轻头皮发痒
  • 改善头发和头皮的健康
  • 有效促进头发的生长


Ensure hair & scalp is dry. Massage in for about 15-30 seconds to the scalp at the  affected area until it is fully absorbed. Repeat treatment twice a day for the initial

1-2 months. Thereafter, apply once daily in the evening.