Arsoa Cosmetics

Queen Silver

ARSOA QUEENSILVER leaves skin truly moisturized, thanks to high-quality ingredients such as natural minerals and honey. 

The role of this soap is not solely to remove dirt, but to provide the moisture that your skin needs while removing impurities. The "best choice for clean, natural skin" is truly ARSOA QUEEN SILVER.

Nuquor R

Natural moisturizing ingredients offer soothing comfort

Nuquor R provides much-needed moisture for mature skin, leading to younger-looking and fresher-feeling skin that maintains its elasticity from the inside. We have blended together vegetative hot spring water and hakkaku-reishi extract, which contains natural moisturizing ingredients, and such common ingredients as lotus embryo bud extract and pearl protein {hydrolyzed conchiolin), as well as other moisturizers.

Amuny M

"ARSOA water" was created by ARSOA in pursuit of the ideal mineral balance for the skin. We modeled it after the natural world. This is ARSOA' s unique water for cosmetics, created as a result of our exacting standards for blending and moisturizing. The water chosen by ARSOA is based on pure Yatsugatake water.



Setsurenka Extract Lotion

Saussurea helps give you healthy-feeling, stress-resistant skin. We believe in your skin's natural potential, and we want to help build it up even more. Saussurea was developed to aid skin in the constant battle against stress. Setsurenka extract lotion (Saussureainvolucrata extract), which is a moisturizing ingredient unique to ARSOA, is blended into Saussurea products. It regulates your skin's condition and maintains balanced and young-looking skin without harming it.